About SECOO.Life


Founded in 2008, The Secoo Group is China’s leading high-end E-commerce market place and at the same a perfect service provider. We are committed to selling products and services that reflect your taste and lifestyle. The Secoo Group has over 600 employees across the world. Currently we have over 15 million registered users and 4.5 million high-end active customers for as well as online as offline stores. We aim to establish an authentic character with positive thinking.



Secoo.life is dedicated to becoming an online destination providing authenticity in fashion, style and culture around the world. At Secco.life you will experience a selection of independent designers and brands presenting their unique and individual work.

One of our main missions is to help those individual brands and designers to break through China. With our expertise and experience we definitely give an added-value to their branding. We support them with our services and we offer a well-established platform to enter the Chinese market with success.



Meanwhile, we also introduce and support potential and up-and-coming Chinese artists, designers and brands to make a noise over the world. We are proud of our roots and we support them to understand and know the Chinese style and culture.